If you found an injured animal:
  • DO NOT feed or give anything to eat/drink

  • Place in a box or container, with a towel on the bottom, leave a small container with water. Cover the box with towel or blanket so it is dark and quiet. Keep in a dark and VERY QUIET space (animals may die from stress). Contact your local wildlife group, or Wildlife Victoria 13 000 94535, 

  • https://www.wildlifevictoria.org.au/wildlife-victoria-rescue#report
    Report an emergency or to seek advice on wildlife in Victoria, including organising of rescue, transport and caring of animals.


  • If the animal is a baby possum, put inside a beanie or a sock, keep it warm. If it is unfurred, it will need a source of heat such as a hot water bottle.

  • To contain an animal or to pick it up, don’t use your bare hands, use a towel or small blanket

What to do if you find injured wildlife