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If you found an injured animal:
  • DO NOT feed or give anything to eat/drink

  • Place in a box or container, with a towel on the bottom, leave a small container with water. Cover the box with towel or blanket so it is dark and quiet. Keep in a dark and VERY QUIET space (animals may die from stress). Contact your local wildlife group, or Wildlife Victoria 13 000 94535, 

    Report an emergency or to seek advice on wildlife in Victoria, including organising of rescue, transport and caring of animals.


  • If the animal is a baby possum, put inside a beanie or a sock, keep it warm. If it is unfurred, it will need a source of heat such as a hot water bottle.

  • To contain an animal or to pick it up, don’t use your bare hands, use a towel or small blanket

What to do if you find injured wildlife

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